Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation insurance is an important asset to any business. Its advantageous purpose is to safeguard any and all persons involved in the event of a workplace accident. Worker’s compensation insurance provides financial coverage for medical costs and wages lost to victims of workplace accidents, while protecting business owners as well as associated employees/co-workers from possible legal repercussions of the incident. This essential defense encompasses simple aspects of workplace accidents such as doctor visits to complex workplace tragedies such as providing financially for the dependents of fatally injured employees. Worker’s compensation insurance can even mitigate long term and permanent effects of accidents by providing vocational rehabilitation and replacement. While worker’s compensation law requirements vary from state to state, this security is imperative to business owners, as the State of California requires by law that each employee of a company be covered by a workers compensation policy and fines can incur if one does not have the proper coverage in place.

The cost of worker’s compensation insurance, as an industry, is determined through the frequency of workplace injuries as well as the severity thereof.  Occupational hazards associated with the design and construction industry are many and severe. Worker’s compensation claims history can hinder policy placement; however, experts at Kraft Insurance collaborate with multiple carriers to optimize these situations, as well as procuring same-day ‘waiver of subrogation’ endorsements.  The industry standard waiver of subrogation endorsement can take up to fourteen business days to obtain. This is far too long to have to wait to get the necessary documentation to get on the job site.  We have found that by obtaining a ‘blanket’ endorsement, one can get on the job site the day the certificate of insurance and waiver of subrogation on the worker’s compensation policy is requested.

The application process to obtain a quote for workers compensation is simple. Please click the button below to be redirected to the Workers Compensation Form, complete the questions and we will contact you with an indication of premium the next business day.