Professional Liability Insurance For A&E Professionals

kraft-insurance-brokerage-blueprintKraft Insurance specializes in providing professional liability insurance to design professionals. Professional liability insurance is crucial to the protection and sustainability of business enterprises for architects, engineers, land surveyors, interior designers, construction managers, and environmental consultants.

Professional liability insurance stabilizes design ventures by providing coverage in the case of suspected design errors and/or negligence. Considerations of professional liability insurance are essential to the aforementioned professionals as the risks associated with a potential claim can prove professionally devastating and the scope of possible architectural, compositional, constructional delinquencies is often unforeseeable. Coverage for design and construction error preserves the professional or firm in the event of a claim, aiding their investigational and defense costs, allowing the business operations to continue throughout and after the claims process, and provide amends for harms and fault incurred. Various individual projects in the industry will now require professional liability insurance, demonstrating its inestimable value.

It is the knowledge and forty years experience of the brokers at Kraft Insurance in understanding the dynamics of the design profession in relation to its necessary utilization of professional liability insurance, that qualifies us above any other to broker your insurance needs. Our principle concern is total comprehension of your individual business insurance needs, so that we may discern the best insurance carrier and policy to bring your project to fruition. Our partnership with you will always include your broker’s assistance and guidance in the professional liability insurance application process, same-day certificates of insurance, same-day contract review, in-house claims assistance, cell phone availability seven days a week. Additionally, every broker will annually revisit the relevancy of your insurance policy to better engage your growing business needs and ensure the optimal premium every year.