General Liability / Business Owners Insurance for A&E Professionals

Kraft Insurance also specializes in providing general liability and business owners insurance to design professionals. General liability insurance is crucial to the protection and sustainability of business enterprises for architects, engineers, land surveyors, environmental consultants and other design professionals.

kraft-insurance-brokerage-shieldGeneral Liability Insurance for architects, engineers, and design professionals protects against two types of claims: those alleging property damage and those alleging bodily harm to third parties. These claims come from people, clients, subcontractors and employees who say that you or someone who works for you harmed them in the aforementioned ways. For uninsured firms, these claims could result in dire financial consequences. What would happen to your architectural, engineering, or design firm if:

  • An Architect, you accidently knock a paint can off of the 2nd floor and injure a 3rd party below?
  • A client comes into your engineering firm and tripped on a rug, falling and breaking a bone?
  • One of your architects got into a physical altercation with a client, resulting in injuries?

Kraft Insurance brokerage recognizes that the design firm does not face an overwhelmingly high exposure to these risks, but they are viable claims that can disrupt and potentially harm your practice. Ask a broker at Kraft Insurance to look into bundling these two risks together into a BOP, or a Business Owners Policy. For a 1-5 man firm, with 1 location, the cost can be as low as $500 annually.

It is the knowledge and forty years experience of the brokers at Kraft Insurance in understanding the dynamics of the design profession in relation to its necessary utilization of general liability insurance that qualifies us above any other to broker your insurance needs. Our principle concern is total comprehension of your individual business insurance needs, so that we may discern the best insurance carrier and policy to protect your company. Our partnership with you will always include your broker’s assistance and guidance in the general liability insurance application process, same-day certificates of insurance and endorsement, same-day contract review, in-house claims assistance, and cell phone availability seven days a week.